Welcome to the International Women's Conference

Thank you to all who helped make the 50th International Women's Conference such a success!

Please join us in Palm Springs, CA, for the 51st!



IWC Mission

The International Women’s Conference is a bridge to a better understanding of the Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy and way of life because of our special needs in sobriety as women. We, as women members of Alcoholics Anonymous, are survivors. We have found a way to obtain meaning, depth, and responsibility in our lives. This came about out of desire, decision, determination and spiritual guidance. An elevated sense of belonging that is brought about by the special services and special needs provided by our Women’ s Conference is our goal.

Self Support

This conference is self-supporting through the money paid for registration fees, banquet tickets, and donations. No AA funds are used to pay for this event. Conferences and conventions are special events and require money, as well as months of planning and preparation.

Expenses include contracted costs for the use of meeting rooms, convention center facilities, preparation of food and beverages, printing for registration forms, flyers, program schedules, postage, supplies and many other costs. The registration fee and banquet prices are kept as low as possible to meet our financial goal of breaking even. Our con-tractual commitments to the hotel require a guaranteed minimum number of hotel rooms and banquet sales. To achieve this, we must meet our banquet and room-night commitments.

Please help make this conference a success by booking rooms in the conference host hotel, buying meal tickets (which include taxes and tips), because...WE PAY OUR OWN WAY.


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