The AA women of Virginia welcome you to Norfolk for the 52nd International Women’s Conference. We are currently putting together a highly informative website. In the meantime, please take a moment to read this page to obtain an overview of our conference and to download the 52nd IWC Registration Flyer.

Dates: February 11-14, 2016

Location: Norfolk Waterside Marriott (Special conference rate.)
235 E. Main Street
Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 627-4200

Registration: Online registration will be available soon. Please download the 52nd IWC Registration Flyer and mail-in for now.

Contact Information

Registration: regiwc52@cox.net
Special Needs: specialneeds52iwc@gmail.com
All other inquiries: iwc52va@gmail.com
Conference Chair: Zee H. (757) 679-5487
Conference Co-Chair: Jenn D. (757) 633-0265
Conference Co-Chair: Veronica (757) 343-4068

Self Supporting

Registration fees, banquet tickets and donations make this conference self supporting. No AA funds are used to pay for this event. Expenses include meeting rooms, convention center facilities, food and beverages, printing, postage, supplies and many other costs.

Registration fee and banquet prices are kept as low as possible to meet our financial goal of breaking even. Our contractual commitments to the hotel require a guaranteed minimum number of hotel rooms and banquet sales. To achieve this, we must meet our banquet and room-nite commitments.

Please help make this conference a success by booking rooms in the conference host hotel, becauseā€¦

We Pay Our Own Way!

Please Note: This is a closed AA women’s event.